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7-22 ... Gas line testing in the North Residential District ... more

6-27 ... Eastbound 12th Ave closed, Jul 7-28 ... more

6-27 ... pedestrian walkway on 18th Ave closed ... more

5-23 ... North Cannon Garage closing, South Cannon Garage reopening ... more

4-30 ... Arps Garage May 5 thru mid-June ... more

4-30 ... High Street Landscape Project May 5 thru fall 2014 ... more

4-30 ... 18th Ave May 5 thru fall 2014 ... more

4-30 ... Tuttle Park Place lane restrictions May 12 - Jul 31 2014 ... more

10-18 ... Lane restrictions at Lane & High ... more

11-8 ... Morehouse parking. more & map

campus construction

The university is on the grow. These resources offer additional news about construction projects.

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the neighborhood

Area construction, traffic, and transit options that could impact the campus community.

7-22 ... 5th Ave bridge closure ... more

STREET SWEEPING - Posted Apr 7 ... Street sweeping in the off-campus area will resume the week of April 8 and continue monthly through November.  Please download the schedule for dates and street details.  All students are encouraged to be aware of this schedule and move cars before the dates and times listed, or you will be towed at your own expense.

CITY OF COLUMBUS - Posted Mar 17 ... The City of Columbus has advised the university that it has contracted with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA, Wildlife Services and Animal Care division) to discourage geese from remaining along the Olentangy River, between Fifth and Lane avenues. more


Kinnear Road at Waltham and North Star intersections